Скачать: TinkerTool System 6.84 macOS

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TinkerTool System 6.84 macOS
TinkerTool System 6.84 | macOS | 25 mb
TinkerTool System 6 is a collection of system utility features helping you in performing advanced administration tasks on Apple Macintosh computers. The application makes use of a self-adapting user interface which automatically adjusts to the computer model and to the version of macOS you are running. All options available in the current situation are accessible via "panes", very similar to the techniques you already know from the System Preferences application.

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Скачать: Things 3.11.2 Multilingual macOS

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Things 3.11.2 Multilingual macOS
Things 3.11.2 Multilingual | macOS | 19 mb
Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager - with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design.

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Скачать: Sensei 1.0.2 (11) macOS

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Sensei 1.0.2 (11) macOS
Sensei 1.0.2 (11) | macOS | 20 mb
Sensei is an app that spans both software and hardware, including many more features than other apps in the Mac optimization category. It includes features for cleaning your disk, uninstalling apps, analyzing battery and disk health, monitoring CPU/GPU/RAM statistics, optimizing boot startup speeds and much more.

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Скачать: Scherlokk 4.1.7 (41701) macOS

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Scherlokk 4.1.7 (41701) macOS
Scherlokk 4.1.7 (41701) | macOS | 6 mb
Scherlokk is a lightning fast file search utility build for precise and reliable search of every file which meets the search criteria. Music, pictures, bookmarks, documents, etc can be found quickly and easily. Search can be made on any kind of build in volume, portable volume (pendrives, memory cards, USB drives), network drive (AFP, SMB, FTP), etc.

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Скачать: NetWorker Pro 6.2.0 macOS

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NetWorker Pro 6.2.0 macOS
NetWorker Pro 6.2.0 | macOS | 17 mb
NetWorker shows network information conveniently in the menu bar. It also features a window that shows additional information about the currently active network adapter.

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Скачать: Monit 2.0.1 macOS

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Monit 2.0.1 macOS
Monit 2.0.1 | macOS | 14 mb
Slide out Notification Center to quickly see key performance data for your Mac, such as CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and Battery. Click the charts to drill down and reveal more details. Click the Network and Disk Icons to view even more data. Monit Widget is a modest, but ambitious, Notification Center Widget for monitoring your Computer.

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Скачать: iSkysoft DVD Creator Multilingual macOS

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iSkysoft DVD Creator Multilingual macOS
iSkysoft DVD Creator Multilingual | macOS | 73 mb
Got video downloads and home movies sitting on your Mac? iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac lets you burn video to DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO file on Mac effortlessly, so you can play everything directly on your big screen TV or Mac's DVD Player.

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Скачать: IP Scanner Pro 3.93.1 macOS

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IP Scanner Pro 3.93.1 macOS
IP Scanner Pro 3.93.1 | macOS | 15 mb
IP Scanner scans your local area network to determine the identity of all machines and Internet devices on the LAN. It was designed to allow you to customize your scan results; once a device has been identified, you may assign it a custom icon and name to more easily recognize it at a glance. Powerful results, yet easy and intuitive to use.

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Скачать: Importer for Contacts 1.5.1 macOS

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Importer for Contacts 1.5.1 macOS
Importer for Contacts 1.5.1 | macOS | 10 mb
Importer for Contacts picks up where Apple Contacts left off by importing Excel files, CSV files, tab-delimited files, and vCards into "Contacts" with more options.

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