Скачать: Murus Pro Suite 1.4.19 (include Vallum 3.0.4) macOS

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Murus Pro Suite 1.4.19 (include Vallum 3.0.4) macOS
Murus Pro Suite 1.4.19 (include Vallum 3.0.4) macOS | File size: 84 MB

It's main purpose is to speed up network firewall configuration and testing, using a simple interface. Filtering and networking options can be set dragging and dropping icons, changing their order, and selecting check boxes. There is no need to learn code syntax or to type strange commands. Everything is managed by visual elements like buttons, collections, graphics, leads.? OS X is one of the most secure computer operating systems today. It features a solid UNIX base and a lot of security features. OS X from the beginning shipped with a pre-installed firewall named IPFW. Directly derived from other less- known operating systems like *BSD, IPFW has been the default OS X firewall from Mac OS X 10.0 to Mac OS X 10.6. Apple started changing it's firewall policy with Mac OS X 10.5, introducing a built in application firewall, ALF, that can be configured from System Preferences Security preference pane, while IPFW can be configured only using the shell Terminal. On the other hand, Mac OS X Server featured a very simple IPFW graphic frontend.

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Скачать: Cinemagraph Pro 2.6.1

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Cinemagraph Pro 2.6.1
Cinemagraph Pro 2.6.1 | macOS | 75 mb

Cinemagraph Pro is the only professional tool specifically designed for the creation of living photos. With its unique "live-masking" technology, artists can preview their living images in real time and output HD (1080) and UHD (4k) quality hybrid photographs.

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Скачать: Capture One Pro 12.0.0 beta 5 Multilingual macOS

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Capture One Pro 12.0.0 beta 5 Multilingual macOS
Capture One Pro 12.0.0 beta 5 Multilingual macOS | File size: 322 MB

Designed with the world's most demanding photographers, Capture One is the professionals' choice in imaging software. The standout choice in image editing software!

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Скачать: DxO PhotoLab 2 ELITE Edition

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DxO PhotoLab 2 ELITE Edition
DxO PhotoLab 2 ELITE Edition Multilingual | macOS | 289 mb

DxO PhotoLab (was DxO Optics Pro) provides a complete set of smart assisted corrections that you can manually fine-tune at any time. Take control on every aspect of your photos: effectively remove noise, get rid of light constraints, recover color details, apply sophisticated optical corrections, and enhance details.

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Скачать: iBoostUp Premium 6.5

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iBoostUp Premium 6.5
iBoostUp Premium 6.5 | macOS | 8 mb

Has your Mac become slow and unresponsive? Has it lost some of the zing it used to have? Are you getting unexpected crashes and error messages? Is your Macbook getting hot and the fan running constantly? If so, you need to download iBoostUp!

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Скачать: Poster Templates - DesiGN 3.0.1

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Poster Templates - DesiGN 3.0.1
Poster Templates - DesiGN 3.0.1 Multilingual | macOS | 16 mb

Poster Templates - DesiGN is a collection of over 300 original templates of the highest quality, created to lend a unique look to your promo material.
The templates are available in the US and international page sizes.

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Скачать: Flip PDF Multilingual Portable

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Flip PDF Multilingual Portable
Flip PDF Multilingual Portable | 121 Mb

With the easy-to-use interface, you can create Adobe Flash and HTML5 realistic page flip eBooks in less than 10 minutes. Simply import a PDF book and choose a pre-designed template, you can generate an inspiring professional flipping magazine or brochure with ease.

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Скачать: Multitouch 1.7.10

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Multitouch 1.7.10
Multitouch 1.7.10 | macOS | 15 mb

Easily add gestures to macOS. Multitouch lets you tie a custom action to a specific magic trackpad or magic mouse gesture. For example, a three finger click can execute a paste. Improve your workflow by executing keyboard shortcuts, controlling your browser's tabs, performing a middle mouse click, and much more.

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Скачать: Symantec Endpoint Protection v14.2.1023.0100

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Symantec Endpoint Protection v14.2.1023.0100
Symantec Endpoint Protection v14.2.1023.0100 | MacOS | 49 Mb

The world's most advanced single-agent endpoint security with prevention, detection and response, deception and adaptation. Symantec is positioned by Gartner as the highest in execution and furthest in vision in the Endpoint Protection Platforms Magic Quadrant.

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