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Скачать: SnapNDrag Pro 4.2.3 (Mac OSX)

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SnapNDrag Pro 4.2.3 (Mac OSX)

SnapNDrag Pro 4.2.3 | MacOSX | 4.1 MB
SnapNDrag started off as a simple app that lets you snap a screenshot with one click and then drag the result off to Mail, Finder, or any other app that accepts an image. It has since matured into a powerful screenshot tool that helps you annotate, organize, and share your . As we added features over time, we have made it a top priority to keep the app easy to use. And we think the extra thought we put into this speaks for itself. This powerful app is still as easy to use as the day it was born as a simple one-trick pony.

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Скачать: Remixvideo 1.0.1 (Mac OSX)

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Remixvideo 1.0.1 (Mac OSX)

Remixvideo 1.0.1 | MacOSX | 399 MB
Having pioneered VJing with Cross, Mixvibes now brings you an accessible way to delve into the world of video mixing. Remixvideo is the weapon of choice for creative video mixing, with a slick grid interface that makes DJs/producers instantly feel at home. It offers two ways to enhance music performances with visuals: linking audio samples to video pads in standalone mode, or playing it as a video plug-in within your favorite music software. Running VST/AU and Ableton Link, it is the ideal add-on for live performers wishing to integrate video into their existing setup.

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Скачать: Auslogics Driver Updater

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Auslogics Driver Updater

Auslogics Driver Updater - считается наилучшим заключением для поддержания значения подходящей производительности ваших аппаратных средств и приборов. Driver Updater - продукт для обнаружения, резервирования, восстановления и обновления драйверов в вашей системе. Всего за некоторое количество кликов мыши вы сможете регулярно вывести подлинно полный перечень установленных в системе драйверов приборов, извлечь или же торопливо сделать резервную копию файлов всех или же выделенных драйверов в 1 папку, а и еше безошибочно сделать ревизию на присутствие весьма новых версий установленных драйверов из базы необычайно данных программы.

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Скачать: iTrash v3.6.7 (Mac OSX)

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iTrash v3.6.7 (Mac OSX)

iTrash v3.6.7 macOS | 15.8 MB
Languages: English, Dutch, Slovak, Spanish, Polish, Croatian , German,
French, Italian, Persian, Turkish, Portuguese.

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Скачать: File Cabinet Pro 3.9 (Mac OSX)

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File Cabinet Pro 3.9 (Mac OSX)

File Cabinet Pro 3.9 | MacOSX | 9.8 MB
File Cabinet Pro is the file manager for the macOS menu bar. Quickly navigate to files without cluttering your desktop. Open, move, rename, compress, tag, trash, copy and paste files, all from the menu bar. You can open many file types natively in File Cabinet Pro or open files by launching other applications. It's easy to click into directories in icon view, drill through directories in list view, or navigate the file tree in column view.

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Скачать: Desktop Curtain 3.0.7 (Mac OSX)

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Desktop Curtain 3.0.7 (Mac OSX)

Desktop Curtain 3.0.7 | MacOSX | 7.3 MB
Desktop Curtain is a simple tool to hide the clutter on your desktop, and help you focus on the task at hand. It's perfect for teachers, presenters, writers, developers, and anyone else that hates clutter and/or needs to take with clean background images.

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Скачать: CudaText 1.6.6 (Mac OSX)

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CudaText 1.6.6 (Mac OSX)

CudaText 1.6.6 | MacOSX | 5.7 MB
The cross-platform text editor written in Lazarus. The program works fine with more than 140 programming languages, allowing you to search, replace the register / elements of the text, line numbering, comment and bookmarking. The editor is able to perform a lot of tasks, so it is often used to webmasters circles. For popular languages ​​programming syntax coloring is present, for example, such as: C, C ++, Java, javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, XML, and so on. You can work with fonts and multiple documents simultaneously. It allows you to work simultaneously on six groups of projects. CudaText allow you to fold the code, you can search and replace regular expressions.

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Скачать: 1Password v6.5.5 Multilingual (Mac OSX)

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1Password v6.5.5 Multilingual (Mac OSX)

1Password v6.5.5 Multilingual macOS | 41.2 MB
1Password for Mac - Have you ever forgotten a password? 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap. It's the best way to stay secure and the fastest way to use the web.

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Скачать: Waves Complete 2017.02.16 (Win/Mac)

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Waves Complete 2017.02.16 (Win/Mac)

Waves Complete 2017.02.16 WiN / OSX | 2.83 Gb / 2.91 Gb
Featuring 64-bit support, faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing, Wаves Version 9 opens up new dimensions of high performance plugin power.

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