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Food Unwrapped S14E04 HDTV x264-TVC

Food Unwrapped reveals more secrets about the food in our supermarket trolleys. Jimmy Doherty wants to know why jelly wonR17;t set if you add chopped papaya to it. In South Africa, Jimmy discovers that the exotic fruit contains enzymes that can also help tenderise meat. But could they also help the human gut? Jimmy quizzes Holland and Barrett, who sell papaya extract as an after-meal supplement. In Hawaii, Kate Quilton visits AmericaR17;s only tuna auction to find out why some fish have dangerous levels of mercury, while others donR17;t. She also visits a ground-breaking tech start-up in San Francisco who hope to feed the world by growing fish flesh in a dish. And Matt Tebbutt wants to know why homemade ice cubes are always cloudy, when the ones that you buy in shops are always clear. TheyR17;re all made with tap water, so whatR17;s the trick?
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Скачать Food Unwrapped S14E04 HDTV x264-TVC


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