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Kenrick Cleveland - The Power Of Stories

Kenrick Cleveland - The Power Of Stories
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Dear Friend,
Every last ounce of energy was wrung from my body
It was the end of day 3 and I still had hours to go.
Hundreds of students were standing in a single file line, waiting with their cash in hand for the opportunity to purchase my latest course.
When it finally seemed an end was in site I noticed a single student hovering under the exit sign towards the back of the room.
After I convinced the final "hanger-ons" to go home, that we were sold out of the course the student shuffled his way over to me with his head down and shoulders slumped.
With what looked to be a world's worth of courage, he asked
"How the hell do you do it?"
After a tense moment of silence, he raised his eyes to mineand

I replied
Here Is The Truth Most People Can't Weave A Story To Save Their Life. And It's Like Bad Breath Nobody Has The Guts To Tell You.

No point No meaning No Influence

Oh sure, people nod and smile - but secretly they're wishing they had a magical remote control to fast forward through the meaningless dribble coming out of your mouth.

But I can't blame you because

No one has ever taught you how to weave and tell a story especially how to sway an audience in your favor.

Sure there are hundreds of books on Amazon, tons of courses on the Internet - but they are all missing that most important element to becoming an influential storyteller.

And without it your stories fall flat no bubble no pop flatter than an open can of soda left out for days.

Trust me, I would know I have bought them all.

Yes, you could study the Hero's Journey, the 7 main Descriptions of stories, the different archetypesand you will understand how to develop a well put together story.

But all those books and courses are not going to tell you how to produce stories on the fly in real world and business settings

the kind that will influence and have you hearing YES.

That's the difference between being a writer and an Influential Storyteller.

Now, I had to ask myself
Why Are Stories So Powerful In Influencing Others?
and in researching the answer, I came across a vast amount of scientific data that explains it all

Throughout man's evolution, we have passed along information by the telling of stories whether it was drawings on a cave wall or history books we studied in school our brains developed based on the narratives of others.

Stories allow us to conceal facts with emotion and as we know our emotions are the main ingredient in our decision making process.
"As much as 95% of our decisions are made by the subconscious mind (our emotions)"
Dr. A.K. Pradee, The Buying Brain

and take a moment to think about that

What are your strongest memories?

Your first kiss? The day you got your first car? A dramatic event?

You see emotional stories make up the building blocks of our lives because
Our Memory Is Directly Tied Into Our Emotions
From an evolutionary stand point this makes perfect sense.

For survival you would want to remember the exact location of the cave that a lion made his home. When you went back to your tribe and told the story of how you almost became his next meal they would want to remember the location as well.

Stories, like the lion in the cave, bypass our conscious minds and interact with our emotions so when we hear a story, it's in relation to ourselves that we are hearing and interpreting them. If we do not connect with the story, it will have ZERO influence on our lives.

Think about it this way
The Power Of Stories Is A Double Edge Sword
When we buy into other people's stories without verifying the facts, we can create a reality that in truth is, as flimsy as, a house of cards apply a little movement and everything falls down.

Use stories correctly and you can influence at will but if you don't recognize their control, you will find yourself making choices based on fiction and not fact. You will take them at their face value even though, we know, that every story has more than one side.

And since our unconscious mind can't distinguished between something imagined and something real stories serve as the ultimate tool in getting your messages across without them being dissected or scrutinized
Allowing You To Easily Influence Others.
The problem is

You could spend thousands of hours creating pre-written stories and try your best to memorize themso that you will be prepared in any given situation.

But, I knew there had to be a better way
We Are All A Well Of Stories Waiting To Be Tapped
It came to me in a flash of insight one night

to stop looking on the outside for inspiration and start looking deep inside one's self

As inscribed over the Temple at Delphi, "Man Know Thyself"

When I thought about it, I realized that in order to influence people through stories

We must first explore our OWN story.

And, as I was headed deeper down the rabbit hole I found myself facing questions that needed to be answered

The biggest of which

With all my knowledge and first-hand experience, why did I struggle to connect my stories to my audience in spontaneous settings?
"Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts."
- As famed author Salman Rushdie once said.
Without having to look far the answer was starring me in the face.
We Are All Living Multiple Stories
All Of Which Are Ever Changing
None Of Which Are Written In Stone
It's by understanding how our stories work together how they define who we are and the decisions that we make based on them that not only gives us the foundation to create powerful stories that influence others but allows us to change our own path.
Introducing The Power Of Stories 1-5
(Uncovering The Missing Piece To Influential Storytelling)

When I was originally developing The Power Of Stories, one of the most important series of lessons I was ever going to deliver for my past elite coaching club

I had a revelation

To become an influential storyteller. you must first know the most important story of all your own.

What seemed so simple was completely profound.

For the next 8 weeks, we dove deep into uncovering our own stories and what we discovered was incredible and life-changing.

Not only did our powers to tell influential stories to increase by leaps and bounds, but we had a frame to examine and change our own story towards a new path.
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