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Second Shot - Zoe Sharp

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James Bond, watch your back. There's a tough new breed of British muscle on the block, and her name is Fox, Charlie Fox. A former British Army soldier (and survivor of a brutal gang rape), Charlie now earns her living guarding others, a duty that has a nasty habit of putting her in harm's way. Her latest assignment is no exception. She's protecting beautiful British engineer (and recent lottery winner) Simone and her four-year-old daughter from an obsessed ex-boyfriend. She's also helping Simone search for her long-lost father. The trio travels to New England to follow leads on Simone's dad. (Charlie also figures they'll be safer there, a good distance from the ex-boyfriend.) Trouble ensues soon after arrival, when charismatic Greg Lucas claims he's Simone's father. (Is Lucas really her flesh and blood, or does he just want her money to bail himself out of a precarious financial situation?) Two bullets add wounds to Charlie's scar repertoire, but even in a weakened condition, the gutsy twentysomething is undeterred.
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Скачать Second Shot - Zoe Sharp


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