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Handbook of Hydroxybenzophenones

Robert Martin, "Handbook of Hydroxybenzophenones"
English | 2000 | ISBN: 0792365070 | PDF | pages: 725 | 23.5 mb

Hydroxybenzophenones are most useful synthetic intermediates in the chemical industry, for example in pharmaceuticals, dyes, fragrances, agrochemicals, explosives and plastics. In this handbook, the diverse methods of obtaining over 1900 hydroxybenzophenones are described, and their physico-chemical properties and spectroscopic data references are indicated. Hence, ketones are classified methodically. They are thus easily accessible from three tables; the molecular formula index, the chemical abstracts registry numbers, and the usual names index. This work will prove to be a valuable tool for laboratory work and research and development departments. It is set to become the reference on hydroxybenzophenones.
This handbook is particularly intended for engineers in chemical synthesis and academic as well as industrial researchers from various branches of chemistry.
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Скачать Handbook of Hydroxybenzophenones


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