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Tiet Sin Kuen The Iron Thread

Lam Sai Wing - Tiet Sin Kuen The Iron Thread
Kung Fu Library | 2002 | ISBN: N/A | English | 80 pages | PDF | 1.57 MB

TIET SIN, or the Iron Thread, is one of the Fighting Arts inherited from Tiet Qiao San . It is a perfect training system aiming at setting into motion body's extremities and the whole body and thanks to it to improve blood circulation and the circulation of the internal energy Qi. Bones, muscles and sinews are subjects of outer strengthened, the internal organs and the spirit Shen are subjects of internal strengthened. Therefore, the Spirit and Health are improved. A physically weak man becomes a strong one. Besides, those who practice this method of Qi Gong can prevent from falling ill with many diseases and live a long life. That's why this method is unsurpassed one among all the methods of Qi Gong.
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