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[center]BlackBerry Pearl For Dummies
Robert Kao, Dante Sarigumba, Marie-Claude Kao, "BlackBerry Pearl For Dummies"
2007 | pages: 235 | ISBN: 0470128933 | PDF | 7,6 mb

The excitement of purchasing a Blackberry Pearl can only be outdone by the confusion of how to use it. How do you check your e-mail? How do you play music and video? What are PIN-to-PIN messages? Where do you find cool stuff to customize your Pearl?
With Blackberry Pearl for Dummies, you'll discover all the answers to these questions and see how to use your new PDA to its maximum potential. This down-to-earth guide explores all of Pearl's features and shows you cool ways to make your Pearl your Pearl. Clear, step-by-step instructions explain all the parts of the Pearl and give you the know-how to:
Get organized with the Address Book, Calendar, and MemoPad
Manage e-mail and send instant messages
Surf the Internet
Dial and receive calls
Set up your voicemail service
Take photos and create slideshows
Access the multimedia player
Use Desktop Manager
Protect and secure your Pearl
But don't think that this book is a plain, boring, just-the-facts type of guide. It will cue you in on how to personalize your Pearl with fun games, wallpaper, ringtones, and more. If you like news and entertainment, it also suggests some nifty programs that are a must-have. This is not just any ordinary PDA, and Blackberry Pearl for Dummies shows you why!




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