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Скачать: Dinosis Survival Episode 2-SKIDROW

  Категория: Игры

Dinosis Survival Episode 2-SKIDROW

Dinosis Survival Episode 2-SKIDROW (PC/ENG/2017)
English | PC | 2017 | 2.14 GB
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Dinosis Survival is a TPP Shooter with dinosaurs based on a mysterious story. Survive, hunt and solve the mystery behind the world that is falling apart.

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Скачать: Rust [v2036, Devblog 186] (2017)

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Rust [v2036, Devblog 186] (2017)
Rust [v2036, Devblog 186] (2017) PC | RePack from RG Alkad
Name: Rust / Rust Experimental
Publication Type: Repack
Genre: the FPS , Simulation survival
Developer: Facepunch Studios
Platform: the PC
Interface Language: English ...
Tablet: Enclosing

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Скачать: TrES 2b-HI2U

  Категория: Игры

TrES 2b-HI2U

TrES 2b-HI2U (PC/ENG/2017)
English | PC | 2017 | 1.56 GB
Genre: Violent, Action
You fell on the unexplored planet TrES-2b, the ship is broken, and around the army of insects. You need to hold out at any cost. Look for ammunition, improve your combat suit and weapons. Wait for your droid to fix the ship and escape from this alien hell.

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Скачать: Redout Enhanced Edition Space Exploration Pack-PLAZA

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Redout Enhanced Edition Space Exploration Pack-PLAZA

Redout Enhanced Edition Space Exploration Pack-PLAZA (PC/ENG/2017)
English | PC | 2017 | 3.51 GB
Genre: Racing
Redout - Space Exploration Pack adds the two latest racing complexes to your Redout experience. The SRRL headquarters decided to investigate new forms of anti-gravity racing, pushing the boundaries of space travel to the limits of the Solar system. Start from the Moon. Here you can experience the roots of human space colonization, the consequence of desperate terraforming attempts, the sat comm arrays and the gigantic reactors creating an artificial, thin atmosphere.

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Скачать: Descent 2-GOG

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Descent 2-GOG

Descent 2-GOG
Language: English | Platform: PC | Release: 1996 | Size: 545 MB
Genre: Shooter | Simulation | Sci-fi
Plunge through 30 more levels of Descent 2 as you battle highly intelligent robot enemies, including the evil thief bot, leaving their flaming hulks in your exhaust. Don't keep this feeling of nausea to yourself, go Head-to-Head with 2-player modem support or 8-player network and Tournament Mode. Brace yourself for the world of Descent... if you can handle it. Get them before they get you...

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Скачать: The House of Da Vinci 2017-SKIDROW

  Категория: Игры

The House of Da Vinci 2017-SKIDROW
The House of Da Vinci (2017) PC | SKIDROW
Year of release : 2017
Genre : Adventure , Indie
Developer : Blue Brain Games
Publisher : Blue Brain Games
Platform : PC
Publication Type : License
Language : English, MULTI
Language voice : -
Medicine : Present {SKIDROW}

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Скачать: 60 Seconds!-GOG

  Категория: Игры

60 Seconds!-GOG

60 Seconds!-GOG
Language: Multi | Platform: PC | Release: 2015 | Size: 625 MB
Genre: Strategy | Survival | Managerial
60 Seconds! is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family before the nuke hits. Stay alive in your fallout shelter. Make difficult decisions, ration food and hunt mutant cockroaches. And maybe survive. Or not.

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Скачать: Shogun 2 Total War - Gold Edition 2011-by qoob

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Shogun 2 Total War - Gold Edition 2011-by qoob
Shogun 2: Total War - Gold Edition (2011) PC 12.64 GB | RePack by qoob
Year: 2011
Genre:Adventure, Strategy,Real-time,Turn-based,3D
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: SEGA
Publication Type: RePack
Platform: PC
Language: MULTI

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Скачать: Homeworld Emergence-GOG

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Homeworld Emergence-GOG

Homeworld Emergence-GOG (PC/ENG/2017)
English | PC | 2017 | 346.75 MB
Genre: Strategy | Real-time | Sci-fi
Homeworld: Emergence was originally released as "Homeworld: Cataclysm". "Cataclysm" is now a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., and the game has been renamed to avoid confusion. Other than the subtitle change, the game is identical to the game released in 2000.
15 years ago, we were awakened from the cryo-trays. We had survived the journey to Hilgara, our lost homeworld. Then they told us that the planet we left behind had been destroyed. Our families... friends... everyone not on the mothership - killed. Destroyed by an enemy we never knew.

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